"1998" The Year Hip Hop Changed (Playlist)

You can't only listen to your own music all the time. To be honest with you after writing, recording and hearing the song over and over within a 24 hour time span on repeat, I will often find myself moved onto the next record before it is even released. Because I do not spend all my time listening to myself, I like to hear other artist, especially when I am at the gym or riding around the city. Because of the ease of building playlist from streaming services like Spotify I find myself building playlist just for the hell of it. Most recently, after being challenged by a close friend of mine, I created a playlist titled "1998" which for me is the year that hip hop changed my life. I honestly think every music head has moments like this for me it lasted an entire year with hit after hit. Going forward I will share more of these theme type playlist. I have both a Ruff Ryders and Roc-a-Fella playlist in the works and I also do a playlist every month for the records I hear throughout the month that I like. Listen, share and enjoy and be sure to look out for more music from myself to come.


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