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Mike Myers - All I Need (Music)

Stay focused on what is really important in life and do not get distracted by all the noise out there. I hope you enjoy the record and stay tune as it is going to be a busy 2017 for the entire Dreamline camp.

Whatever You Want Dreamline Ent. ft Kane, Souljah P, Overdose (Video)

Kane, Souljah P and Overdose are here to give every woman exactly what they want with this new banger "Whatever You Want". 2017 is here so keep an eye out for more heat coming from the Dreamline camp.

Excuse Me by Mike Myers

After a brief or let's be honest extended hiatus away from the microphone I am finally getting back to work on my OWN music. The hiatus was not a period of no activity, after some deliberation on what direction to head a new management company by the name of Real Life Entertainment was born with a focus around management, marketing and venues. I have always been involved in music in many other arenas outside of what is done behind the microphone and by starting this company it gives myself and my team an opportunity for us to give back to the culture. We recently put out Yamir new mixtape Trap Truth and are currently working with several other artist so keep an eye out for more work from us in the near future.

I also linked back up with my brothers who I started recording music with years ago when we were going by the name The Dons (maybe I will post some of that old work). This is really exciting because the team has grown so much stronger and as a collective we are known as Dreamline and have an abundance of music from the camp that you will be hearing. For now be sure to hit the link and check out our music page.

Now that I have given you a quick layout of what I have been doing with my time and why I have completely neglected my own blog I wanted to start with releasing this first record "Excuse Me". This song was actually recorded when myself and Chooky were working on the Wright Brothers EP but it did not fit that project but I always loved the record so I hope you feel the same way when you hear it. Keep a look out for new music and visuals coming in the future.

2 Chainz Live at Bliss Nightclub

2 Chainz came out to the DMV last night and stopped through Bliss nightclub. What was most impressive about the performance is how deep his catalog is ranging from his own music and numerous features throughout the industry. Also the fact he hit the stage by himself and held it down is always a testament to a real artist. 

Mike Myers - If I Die Tonight (Prod CoopLoops) 2015

Had an opportunity to work with the super producer CoopLoop from Canada and create something for our Hip Hop/EDM heads. The track features Kane, and Souljah P from the Dreamline unit. The track was meant to feel gritty and you can hear it in the vocals and how the track was placed throughout the song. Hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for much more work on the way.

Jay Z Talks About Racism With Oprah (Misc)

Jay-Z talks about the impact Hip Hop has had on racism and raises some very valid points when he sits down and talks with Oprah.

Fabolous on Power 105 Breakfast Club (Interview)

Fabolous sat down with the Breakfast Club to discuss joining Roc Nation, his new love for the nineties and his upcoming album Young OG dropping this Christmas.