Kevin Hart Discusses Black Comedy (Video)

Kevin Hart has been seen everywhere lately popping up in move theaters, on all of your social networks and most importantly on the big screen. He recently sat down to promote his new movie Think Like a Man Too that made it's debut as the number one box office film in America this past weekend. Kevin Hart takes the time to discuss the direction he believes black film is headed and his ultimate goal for the "black" label to be dropped from movies, and to be recognized like all other films in Hollywood. Do you think this will ever happen? For so long there has been an invisible color barrier in the entertainment industry where black actors are always categorized by the color of their skin. How much responsibility do we need to take? How about our black magazines who only promote black stars in the industry. Is it time for these magazines to change how they look at the entertainment industry and put someone who is not colored on the cover of their magazine. Share your thoughts and let us know who you blame.


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