Azealia Banks wants to be set free from Universal (Misc)

Azealia Banks to this point is best known for her very publicized Twitter beefs between the likes of Angel Haze, Paris Hilton and even Bauuer & Diplo and not what she set out for when she began her journey in Harlem that eventually landed her at LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. It is clear Azealia has always had a love for music and art but her album Broke With Expensive Taste continues to be delayed and pushed back for reasons unknown to us and shit officially hit the fan this past weekend when Azealia went back to Twitter to plead with Universal to be dropped from the label and wishing she would have signed with Sony. I think this move is going to start Azealia down a long road that I believe will either get her dropped from the label or her album released but not after much delay. Just look at the LOX or other famous acts who have called on the streets to get them out a bad situation. It eventually happens but you have to hope your career is not completely destroyed in the process. I hope Azealia gets what she wants and her album is released but we will have to stay tuned to see how this story unfolds.


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