Year of The Black Album (Misc)

All across the internet this week you found people celebrating The Black Album 10 year anniversary. The day that Jay-Z unofficially retired from the game. Since the Black Album Jay-Z has dropped American Gangster, The Blueprint 3, The Holy Grail and Watch The Throne with his running buddy Kanye West. It can even be argued that like a good bottle of wine Jay has gotten better with age as he drops hot feature verses with artist like Drake on Pound Cake but that is not what we are here to discuss. We are here to discuss what at the time made the Source rank The Black Album a 4 mic album. Do you feel that this album should be now considered a 5 mic album? I know when I first heard the album I had mixed reviews but as time went on I have grown a greater appreciation for the album. I am sure that has a lot to do with the fact that I am older and I have a better grasp of where Jay was coming from when he released this album. Do not get me wrong when I first heard the album it immediately had stand out records like 99 Problems, Encore, Dirt Off Your Shoulder and Allure but I still felt like the album lacked something. Maybe it was the typical holding Jay to a higher standard then every other artist in the industry but you know what he earned it so he has to wear it like a badge of honor. Let's be honest this album is still better then half the music that is released today but it is no Blueprint or Reasonable Doubt or even Hard Knock Life Volume 2 for that matter but it is still a solid body of work. Check out Eillott Wilson and his panel sit down and discuss track by track the making of this album and you decide where it falls amongst your favorite Jay albums.


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